Value-effective CPA Services for the Manufacturing and Retail Industry

The manufacturing and distribution sector is highly competitive. Manufacturing businesses are constantly striving to optimize their production capabilities. These businesses must account for their production and processing costs as well as their ROI. With new procedures and stricter tax regulations in place, manufacturers are specific about hiring an industry-specialized accounting service with an impressive footprint. Gurdak Group, Ltd. is one such accounting services provider with strong industry experience in manufacturing and distribution. Our services are designed to help clients improve their operational efficiencies, optimize their production costs, and reduce their tax problems.

Gurdak Group’s CPA Services for Manufacturing Industry

We’ve successfully served our clients through various evolutions and tribulations in the manufacturing and distribution supply chain. Our following service offerings have helped us ensure profitability to our clients.

  • Accounting, assurance, auditing, and taxation services for compliance
  • Business and inventory valuations
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Cost accounting
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Cost segregation
  • Payroll and sales tax
  • Tax returns preparation, planning, and project consulting
  • Forecasting and financial projections
  • Employee benefit and compensation plans consulting
  • LIFO accounting
  • Operations analysis
  • Overhead analysis
  • Transaction structuring and planning
  • Individual taxation services for stakeholders
  • Tax planning and preparation

Why Gurdak Group?

The following capabilities have helped us establish our position as a leading accounting services company for the manufacturing sector:

  • Offering Tailored Business Solutions: It doesn’t matter whether our client is a start-up, established, or a second-generation business. We consider them equal. We can provide customized solutions to fulfill unique requirements or to support the long-term business goals of our clients.
  • Maximizing Tax Positioning: We help our clients structure their business efficiently and take maximum advantage of various tax benefits. We advise clients on how to minimize their business taxes, how to implement effective tax planning, examining tax complications of buying vs. leasing industrial equipment, etc.
  • Vast Industry Experience: We have strong industry experience working with manufacturers in diverse industries such as consumer products, safety systems, personal care products, etc.

Our clients trust us on their financial matters and consult us on integral matters because we understand their business challenges, competition, government regulations, and consolidations in the manufacturing industry. We have an in-depth understanding of the latest tax regulations, and stay abreast of industry best practices. We always take care to listen to client concerns, and then offer solutions to help their businesses succeed. Please approach us with your concerns on phone- 847-827-8100 or write to us at